The Excavated

In the years from 2006 to 2009 Helene Høie had her home in the island of Læsø in the Kattegat sea between Denmark and Sweden. Having plenty of space and time in abundance, it was during this period the whole series of sculptures named THE EXCAVATED came into existence. As the name also implies THE PRIMAL came first in 2006, then one by one with THE VISITOR as the last to enter in 2009.

The Juvenile

Height 20cm on oak base. Clay & copper.

The Primal

Length 35 cm. Plaster / Lead / Paper. Lead & paper versions are owned by private collectors.

The Spirited

Height 29cm on oak base. Cast made in resin with marble dust.

The Visitor

Length 110cm. Clay & lead. Owned by a private collector.